X Prober (Notch Probe) - An open-source PHP probe


An open-source PHP probe called "X Prober (also known as Notch Probe)" is developed primarily by INN STUDIO. It boasts a sleek and clean interface, extremely high operational efficiency, and minimal resource consumption. It accurately displays server response information, making it a valuable assistant for setting up PHP server environments.

Application Information

  • Application Name: X Prober
  • Application Aliases: Notch Probe, PHP Probe
  • Host Environment: PHP 5.4+
  • Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Desktop + Mobile
  • System Support: Linux, Windows (basic functionality), HarmonyOS
  • Language Support: Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean
  • Current Version: 8.x
  • Key Features: Server status/information/performance scores, traffic statistics, PHP information, client information, update notifications, and more
  • Online Demo: https://tz.inn-studio.com
  • Download Link: Click to Download (x.php single file) or Save Link As on GitHub
  • Usage: Download the PHP file to the appropriate directory on your server, then access the corresponding file (x.php) via an HTTP browser (e.g.,
  • Contribution: Welcome stars
  • QQ Discussion Group: 1017681056

Probe Screenshots

X Prober Mobile Dual Mode Screenshot
X Prober Mobile Dual Mode Screenshot

Probe Features

X Prober features a beautiful interface, simple design, high efficiency, and a rich set of functions.

Its functions include common server status, network status, overall information, PHP information, PHP extension information, database information, server performance scores, and client information.

Server Performance Scoring Algorithm

The server performance scoring of this probe is currently based on a median algorithm: integer scores + floating-point scores + hash scores + disk read/write scores. Each is tested five times, and then the median is taken, and finally, they are added up to get the result.

Server Performance Scoring Disclaimer

  • The servers tested for this probe's performance scoring were personally tested by the author and were based on a newly installed test server environment, making the results entirely objective and real.
  • The server performance scoring section of this probe may not serve as the sole standard for evaluating server performance, as different servers have different testing times and different loads. It is intended for reference only.
  • Note: Scoring serves as performance reference; network factors cannot currently be tested.

Usage Notes

  • Different server permissions result in different displays.
  • Removing the anti-cross-site setting can display more information but poses certain security risks (specifically referring to the BT panel).
  • Liu Hai Probe features update notifications; click to complete updates upon receiving them.
  • This probe is an open-source project under the GPL-3 license.

Sponsors and Donors

As this is an open-source project, the probe's testing and hosting servers are all self-funded by the author. Therefore, this project accepts sponsorships or donations, and we sincerely thank them for their contributions to open-source projects.


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